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Weta Workshop

Weta Workshops Mini Epics The Jungle Hunter

Weta Workshops Mini Epics The Jungle Hunter

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Thanks to our considerable Yautja-hunting talents, the demon who makes trophies of men can now be a trophy on your shelf.

How the tables have turned. You’re not in Guatemala now, Jungle Hunter.

With the faint scent of Hopper* still lingering about his person, Jungle Hunter is the latest in our Mini Epics stable.

As you can imagine, digital sculptor Mauro Santini has equipped this little guy with all the right stuff. You’ve got your Bio Helmet, your Wristblades, your Self Destruct Device; and let’s not forget the Plasmacaster. How else are you going to put those treetops to good use?

Scale: Approx. 1:10

Material: Vinyl

Sculptor: Mauro Santini

*Scent of Hopper not included in the box. Thankfully

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