About Us

From Hobbies and Passions, to Shadow Relics

What started out as a couple sharing their hobbies and vocations together, from enjoying Comic Books, Movies, and Collecting really awesome stuff, to the fienst glass pieces you could find to enhance the personal experiences you have with other people, came the idea to turn it into a business that could provide the same love that we have to share with other people about what we enjoy in our free time.

Functional Art

As we embrace new traditions and passtimes, the "Fine China" and Collectibles change and grow with them. What better talking "piece" is there than a fully functional piece of art, that sits front and center of your blissfull communal gatherings?

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It Starts with one...

From our personal collections, to yours. We curate all of our Collectible items and sometimes (maybe all the time) they get added to our collection. We love what we do, and that's what makes it that much better. We excitedly anticipate new collectibles, run to the pre-order pages, and go to Comic-cons dressed up as our facorite heros and villains too.

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  • Alexandria Mennoia

    Owner. Wife. Dragon Lady. Hoarder Of Glass.

  • Anthony Dimatteo

    Owner. Husband. Absolute nerd. Doesn't know what the Dragon Lady sees in him and is too afraid to ask.

  • Mitchell Kiff

    Imported. Sexually ambigious but it's 2022. Makes a hell of a cocktail. Traveling Show Partner. Excellent Friend.