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Empire Glassworks

Empire Glassworks Strawberry Cough Shampoo

Empire Glassworks Strawberry Cough Shampoo

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Empire Glassworks Limited Edition Shampoo Bottle Mini Rigs are extra gentle and tear-free!

Empire's cannabis-infused 2-in1 glass mini rig detangles anxiety & combats stress.

No flower or oil concentrate can resist the 2-in1 filtration of Empire Glass. Perfect for all terp lovers, Each colorful "scent" helps prevent bad vibes and conditions euphoria, leaving humans feeling clean, soft, and manageable.

Empire Glass is safe, fun to use, and leaves you feeling fresh after every use!

Each colorful bottle is easy to hold and fun to play with! 

Watermelon Kush makes smoking a fun, summery good time! While Strawberry Cough will help you understand, there's nothing to get hung about!

Empire fun tips: Obtain Healthy Flavors, Support Sustainable Producers.  For best results, Apply Logic when consuming!

Pharmacognosist tested. Botanist Approved.

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