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Marvel Heavyweights Black Panther

Marvel Heavyweights Black Panther

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Rendered for the first time ever in full cast metal, Hero Collector brings you Marvel’s noble superhero Black Panther as part of the all new Marvel Heavyweights Collection.

T’Challa is the newly-crowned king of Wakanda, a powerful, and secretive African nation – and in his advanced suit of their coveted Vibranium-weave, he defends the world as the superhero Black Panther.

Having joined Iron Man’s team after Captain America stood in the way of him taking down the Winter Soldier - who he blamed for his father’s death - Black Panther was on a relentless mission of vengeance.

Whether you were Team Stark or Team Cap this meticulously rendered full cast metal figurine is a must have for any true Marvel fan. Wakanda Forever!

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